What is a pinch waist?

What is a pinch waist?

One trend that’s new to the scene is what’s coming to be known as “pinch-waist jeans.” Characterized by a super cinched waistline and hip-hugging fit that transitions into a straight-leg cut, these jeans get their name from the “pinched” effect they provide. Jun 3, 2021

How do Agolde pinch waist jeans fit?

Do Agolde pinch waist jeans stretch?

Like almost every style of Agolde jeans, this style has a button fly closure. The rise is high at 12.75 inches. The right fit for me means they are tough to button up initially. Then, as you wear them, they relax and form to your body, stretching to the perfect fit.

Do Agolde jeans stretch out?

These jeans have no stretch so I definitely recommend sizing up if you prefer a roomier fit. I wear size 28 in the Riley for a snug fit.

Should you size down in Agolde?

Size down 1-2 sizes for your perfect fit. If they are a little snug at first, they WILL stretch out! (The 90s fit is my most-worn pair in my AGOLDE jeans review).

How do you wash Agolde jeans?

You will thank me later. ** fit tip: wear your new AGOLDE jeans in a hot bath (just water) for about 30 minutes, then roll them in a towel to take out some of the water, then wear them for another 30 minutes out of the water but still damp. This helps them to form to you! ** wash tip: don’t wash them every wear.Mar 3, 2020

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