What is the most popular Chinese drama 2021?

What is the most popular Chinese drama 2021?

– Faith Makes Great (理想照耀中国 Lǐxiǎng Zhàoyào Zhōngguó)
– Douluo Continent (斗罗大陆 Dòuluō Dàlù)
– My Treasure (生活家 Shēnghuó Jiā)
– Dancing in the Storm (风暴舞 Fēngbào Wǔ)
– Awakening Age (觉醒年代 Juéxǐng Niándài)
– A Love for Dilemma (小舍得 Xiǎo Shědé)

What is the most popular Chinese drama now 2020?

The most popular Chinese drama in 2020 was The Untamed, other popular Chinese dramas are Love O2O, Ode to Joy and Go Go Squid.

Which Chinese drama should I watch?

– Love 020 (2016)
– My Amazing Boyfriend (2016)
– A Love So Beautiful (2017)
– Memory Lost (2016)
– Here To Heart (2018)
– The Fox’s Summer (2017)
– When A Snail Falls In Love (2016)
– Stay With Me (2017)

What is the best Chinese Drama in 2021?

– Go Go Squid 2 Dt. Appledog’s Time (你的时代,我的时代)
– The Bad Kids (隐秘的角落) Official Trailer: The Bad Kids | 隐秘的角落| iQIYI.
– My Best Friend’s Story (流金岁月)
– The Little Nyonya (小娘惹)
– Ultimate Note (终极笔记)
– Vacation of Love (假日暖洋洋)
– Love Is Sweet (半是蜜糖半是傷)

Which Chinese drama has highest rating 2020?

– The Untamed. The Untamed became the widely streamed best Chinese drama with over 8 billion views.
– Hunting.
– Serenade of Peaceful Joy.
– Intense Love.
– Mr.
– Love Story of Court Enemies.
– Parallel Love.
– Being a Hero.

Which is more popular Kdrama or Cdrama?

While C dramas are well known for historical/costume and fantasy genres, K dramas are famous for modern-day and romance genres. C dramas are overall better at the historical/costume genre and the fantasy genre. But K dramas definitely have their strengths they are overall better at modern-day and romance genres.

Why is Chinese drama not popular?

Lack of promotion in international media platforms and lack of government support, being the primary reasons. The quality of Chinese dramas have particularly gone up since 2020 – a lot of dramas are now increasingly at par with Korean ones.

Which Cdrama is the best?

– The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love (2018)
– Ode To Joy (2016)
– Go Princess Go (2015)
– Meteor Garden (2018)
– Sweet Combat (2018)
– Cinderella Chef (2018)
– My Huckleberry Friends (2017)
– Put Your Head On My Shoulder (2019)

Is Chinese drama good?

Traditional Chinese dramas are good. They have entertained Chinese people for generations. Their stories usually advocate good moralities to help people to act good. However, they might be a bit dull for most people who have no particular foavor for them, because there are so many entertainments now.

Where can I watch Chinese drama app?

– iQIYI.
– YouTube.
– Viki.
– WeTv.
– Mango TV.
– Tencent Video.
– Youku.
– Bilibili.

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